Saturday, 6 August 2011

Faery and Magic by Sue Rawley

August is set it to keep my on my faery toes!!
After being featured in one magazine article elfin magic sent along another.
A new and enchanting magazine called 'Faery World'is availble online as we speak, and first printed copy coming out this week.

Welcome to my world of Faery and magic. Since I was a child I have believed in the realms of Faeries and nature spirits. I used to create Faerie dwellings from treasures I found within the garden and along country lanes in ancient hedgerows, entwining vines, twigs, flowers, petals, moss or whatever would stimulate my imagination. I have always expressed myself through my Art and the designs I now create are influenced by all things Botanical and organic.
My designs for my repouss√© metal work, which are mostly made from Lead free pewter, silver in colour. I call it the ‘Metal of the Moon’. I work and engrave the pewter using it as a canvas for my inspirations which I source from the realm of Faery and Nature, filled with poetic imagery. Then I embellish the metal work with the most amazing semi precious stones and crystals, ‘gifts from Mother Earth’ which I have collected on my travels around the world. Each stone can contain a different power or unique quality to enhance different energies.

The caskets I create are as I would imagine those carried by Arthurian knights, through the Crusades, protecting Holy relics and Precious oils within. Each heavily encrusted with semi precious stones, crystals and Magical symbols. Every casket a grand gesture, with its own story, as portrayed in the dreamlike qualities also familiar to us in Pre-Raphaelitism and their paintings.

My collection of work also includes Magical Mirrors and frames, entwined with roses, vines, and sparkling crystals designed to create an enchanting place for Faeries or fit for any sleeping princesses Boudoir.

Also I create bindings for books old and new, translating the tales from within onto the book cover, using symbols and imagery taken from the story. Using various ancient techniques to age the metal, it gives the book a truly Mystical ancient feel. Whether it is a journal for writing secret thoughts and dreams or an enchanted book of spells.
I also create wands to commission working in harmony with the Moon cycles and Folklore using an array of stones, giving them a truly personal mystical aura.

As well as viewing work on my website which includes just a small selection of my designs. I also sell my creations through galleries; all designs are individual therefore making every person’s piece unique. Whether it be an amazing piece of furniture, an instrument for a musician, a special book cover, or even a piece of Elfin Treasure!! There’s something for everyone amongst Sue’s Labyrinth of Ethereal arts and crafts!

You can also find me at various Craft, and Faerie events throughout the year, or you can visit me in my studio (by appointment only). Including Faery Tea!

My list of commissioned clients include many famous faces and admirers of my work.
My work has been filmed for Channel 4, Fuji TV in (Japan) and I have recently completed a third film project for the BBC Academy. London.

Faery and Magic by Sue Rawley

Faery World
Faery World Magazine Aug/Sept 2011

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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Magical Times

Hello Everyone!

July has been an exciting month. Not only have I been finishing my commisions, I have a two page write up in edition 9 of The Magical Times Magazine.
To see the article all about my faerie life from a child to now click here to buy your copy

Thursday, 21 April 2011

thaumaturgist Chest

Every Magician should have one....

Mermaid Chest

Inspired by a little pool of pure blue water in a secret cove on a beach, 
I cannot tell you where, 
it's a secret.....
This is where I was given the treasure by the mermaid for her treasure chest.
Embellished with chunks of lapis, turquoise, sodalite, crystals and fresh water pearls.