Wednesday, 24 October 2012

**Out and About in The Fall!**

Summer's flown by too fast! And now we're coming into the most magical season of all - Autumn, or as our American friends say, the Fall ;) Loving all the vibrant colours, visiting local farmers markets and allotments and collecting an abundance of Mother Nature's wonderful Harvest. I also managed to find time to start doing some studies and paintings of toadstools and other fungi friends which will being featuring in a local exhibition next month. Watch this space for the finished masterpieces!
Mother Nature's cabinet of curiosities:
Any day now I'll by flying down the A303 with my fairy wings on full throttle passing sacred sights on my way to Avalon to take part in the October (Samhein) Fairy Festival! The festival is held in the Glastonbury Town Hall - come and visit me if you're in the area :)
Here's some of my Fairy Trinkets and Elfin Treasures that will be on display and for sale:
Dragonflies flicker, Jewels glow, Cobwebs shimmer, And everything mystically flows, Into jewel encrusted caskets, mirrors, frames and journals.