Thursday, 3 October 2013

Autumn's Carnival of Colours ..

Autumn Is here ,  With her Carnival of Colours ,  and Such Beautiful, Shades ,Whilst Blackberry picking is over, there is still Foraging of Apples , Damsons & plums to be had,  you can almost hear the Fungi Growing through the Grass!  ...And . what a Delight of tiny Faerie Homes to be seen.
        On a  recent Trip to Kew Gardens ,  I saw the amazing Willow sculpture of giant Fungi....
 Which looked if not slightly surreal but very at home sitting amongst  the  magnificent Tree's of Kew Surrealism in Nature at its best , and pure inspiration for Creations to follow.......

Oh! Come ! One and All !.....Come Join us in the " Faery Ring" ....... and make  a wish! .

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