Monday, 20 January 2014

" Ringing Those Solstice Bells" ... Christmas 2013 has Been & Gone

Christmas last Year! ... 2013 ... was indeed  A truly Wonderus Time of the Year!   So Much merry making Twas the  Decking of Halls & rooms with plenty of Holly & Ivy , the bringing in of the Yule Log also ,our huge Christmas tree of Norwegian  pine,that seems to grow larger each year,we  then sampled  much hot 'n spicey Mulled Wine , to get us into the True Christmas Spirit ........a truly Exciting time when any object or Parcel whatever the size , may. Be Embelished with luscious Ribbons & Glittered a plentiful... & placed under the tree.....
This jolly season Also Keeps my wee faery friends happy,  as they look forward to spreading much magic & glitter around ......Everywhere! 
The Fairy lights looked truly Magical Festooned owned around our Magnolia tree & the Doorway ! 
The Wreath I made myself for the door , after gathering gifts from Mother Earth , either from our Garden , or local Common .

Here's our Tree Decorated in all it's Splendour ! 
I enjoyed a special Christmas crafting session with our God Daughter, with the making of beautiful masks heavily laden with Golden Paint & Sequins.
A few of our  special tree Adornments & Faerie folk to see....
Here is the is the magical faerie Garden we made...& wise old Mr Owl Looks on ....

Mr Owl with the hand painted Toad Stools......

Wishing You All A Happy & Healthy 2014 
Fire works on the South Bank on the River Thames London ! 


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